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are in the drivers seat. they took a 3-1 lead over the san francisco giants. they had an 8-3 victory last night in st. louis. the red birds can wrap it up with a win tonight in game five. going to be a rematch of the 2006 world series if the cardinals win. >> all right, john thank you very much. >>> let's get right back to our starting point. it is the closest thing, i guess, that we have seen to a truce during this entire campaign. president barack obama and mitt romney were joking around at the al smith charity dinner last night in new york. listen. >> in the spirit of sesame street the president's remarks tonight are brought to you by the letter "o" and the number 16 trillion. >> the unemployment rate is at its lowest level since i took office. i don't have a joke here. i just thought it would be useful to remind everybody. >> let's get right to republican congressman randy forbes from virginia. he's a romney campaign surrogate. it's nice to see you, sir. thank you for talking with us. they were pretty funny, i thought, both of them last night. and, and, and yet there was some tension in that, as
a bigger stage to have the game of his life, leading the san francisco giants in game one, tying a world series record held by babe ruth, reggie jackson, albert pujols, pretty good company. the first to do it in his first three bats in a world series game. game two tonight in san francisco. justin verlander was on the mound for the tigers last night. maybe the best pitcher in baseball, and he lost. >> he was unstoppable against my yankees. turnabout is fair play. do i sound bitter? a little tiny. this much. >>> still ahead on "starting point," a new abraham lincoln movie, cover of "time" magazine and a new book because some say the candidates of today could learn a lot from lincoln. we'll talk to the time magazine offer, a new lincoln biography. >>> who knew that science geeks were little monsters also? when you take a closer look... the best schools in the world... see they all have something very interesting in common. they have teachers... ...with a deeper knowledge of their subjects. as a result, their students achieve at a higher level. let's develop more stars in educa
ruthed the cardinals 9-0 to win the alcs in seven games. san francisco is 6-0 in games where they face elimination this postseason. the giants will have home field advantage in the world series against the detroit tigers. game one is tomorrow night in san francisco. are you ready? soledad? >> yeah, it's good to see even when you're not necessarily rooting for the team, my yankees, kind of, whatever. but it's always fun to watch when they're celebrating. all right, john, thank you. still ahead this morning on "starting point," during the debate did mitt romney miss a chance to question the president about the attack in benghazi and that time line? we're going to talk this morning with ambassador nicolas burns coming up next. and apple lovers get ready, the company is announcing a smaller version of what of their most popular items today. you've been busy for a dead man. after you jumped ship in bangkok, i thought i'd lost you. >>> surfing is my life now. but who's going to .... >>> tell the world that priceline has even faster, easier ways to save you money. . . on hotels, flights & car
reached for follow-up visits. >>> two down two to go for the san francisco giants. they held their home field advantage with a 2-0 shutout of the tigers last night. the series now moves to the tigers comerica park. you're looking at prince fielder being thrown out at the plate. probably should not have been waved home. anyway. game three tomorrow night in detroit. it is actually a statement of fact. baseball fans around america right now agreeing with me, probably a good idea to keep prince fielder at third on that play. 2-0, giants, detroit tomorrow night. >> i'm happy. >> thank you for the update. we want to bring in the newark mayor cory booker. he's joining us for the entire hour this morning. i want to start with the, the really dire forecast we were just listening to from rob marciano who is talking about this very wide wind field and even though the storm that they're looking at, hurricane sandy, which is category 1, a lot of people think of category 1 on the low side, that's probably not as bad, he says that this is shaping up to be something very, very devastating. >> last year
, and it ends tomorrow night. >>> the detroit tigers and san francisco giants are a step closer to the world series. the tigers shut out the oakland aest to advance to the championship series. the giants posed out the reds to reach the nlcs after losing their first two games at home. they had to win three on the road which is pretty darn impressive. their opponents will be decided tonight. the baltimore orioles, beat the yankees 2-1 in 13 innings in the bronx to force a game five in their series. everyone is rooting for the orioles. the washington nationals scored a walk-off win against the st. louis cardinals. that sets the stage for a game five in that series. i was in washington when jason worth hit that home run. washington went bonkers. i swear you could hear the screams on the streets anywhere. very exciting. game five there as well. soledad? >> and how did your red sox do last night? oh, wait a minute. >> they didn't lose. they were undefeated yesterday. unlike the yankees who were 0-1 yesterday. take that malarkey. >> the spin. yeah, you're right. malarkey. i call malarkey on you. al
. game two is tonight in san francisco. the cardinals are white hot right now. >>> meanwhile, while the world awaits tomorrow night's second presidential debate, "saturday night live" got in the last laugh on the biden ryan face-off. >> you think you're talking to me because you do the p-90x workout? let me tell you something, buddy. there's jim strong and there's old man strong, okay? you want to know my workout? when the amtrak breaks down at my morning commute, i strip down to my tighty whities, i push that [ bleep ] all the way to washington. >> almost as good as the real debate. almost as funny. >> all right, john, thank you. >>> back to our top story this morning. round two of the presidential debates. we showed you two polls indicating the race is very much a topic at this point. this time around even the president's own campaign aides are admitting he needs a much stronger showing against mitt romney. let's get to mark mckinnon, the former mccain 2008 presidential campaign adviser, contributor for the daily beast as well, co-founder -- your intro is getting longer and longer >>> welcome back, everybody. the san francisco giants headed to game one of the world series tonight after a stunning game seven victory over the st. louis cardinals on monday night. they're going to face off against the detroit tigers and their ace starting pitcher, the reigning american league mvp justin verlander. the team has been scrimmaging against minor league prospects to keep their skills sharp during their week off. joined by the most of "mike & mike" in the morning. nice to see you, gentlemen. i'm curious if you think it's better to be rested up, or to be, you know, in momentum playing against, you know, a, a great series. which is the better option, do you think? >> well, in kwolic's world of football the rest helps. there's a lot of injury factor so getting guys back healthy and getting downtime is an advantage. in baseball it is a distinct disadvantage. for six months these guys are accustomed to the rith up of playing every single day. two days off is an unusual circumstance. five or six days off like the tigers have right now is a huge disadvantage. >> the team that's had t
francisco holding a parade today in honor of the san francisco giants. this year's world series champions. remember they swept the tigers just a few days ago. seems like ages ago. up to 1 million fans were expected to help celebrate the giants sweep. parade kicks off at 11:00 this morning. it will end with a victory celebration at civic center plaza. congratulations to the giants. >> they look like the picture of tired but happy. >> lots to celebrate. our team this morning, governor george pataki is joining us. he's the form irgovernor of new york. ed smith is back, the editor in chief of buzz week. you lost power in the middle of the storm. >> data center flooded out. >> richard socarides is a writer for homeless this morning, right? no power for you in the wake of the storm. >> no power. >> john berman as well. and let's talk a little bit about the impact from this storm, and, and what i thought was a great moment was not everybody agrees with me, but when mayor bloomberg goes to the spanish, and now for those who speak espanol. >> his spanish sounded pretty good. >> tech
obama is in san francisco, he's attending three fund-raisers, his republican challenger mitt romney is getting ready to unveil his vision for foreign policy in a speech in lexington, virginia. here's a portion of his speech. it goes like this, they sent us excerpts earlier. general marshall once said he is going to say, the only way human beings can win a war is to prevent it. those words were true in his time and they still echo in ours. want to get to tara walsh, the senior communications adviser for the romney campaign. nice to see you. thanks for talking with us. >> hi, soledad. good morning. absolutely. >> so we know having read some of these excerpts that have been sent out by the campaign that governor romney's going to focus on israel, he's going to focus on the palestinian territories and no big surprise, he's going to focus on iran. why don't you spell out for me exactly what governor romney's position is when it comes to iran? >> well, listen, governor romney is going to clearly spell out the choice that there is this election, particularly when it comes to foreign policy
will be held later today for the late ambassador chris stevens. it's going to take place in san francisco city hall. 4:15 p.m. local time this afternoon. >>> still ahead this morning on "starting point," she's a supermodel. but says she knows exactly what it's like to have flaws. tyra banks is going to join us to talk about how she's trying to show young women it's going to be flawsome. back in just a moment. [ female announcer ] ready for a taste of what's hot? check out the latest collection of snacks from lean cuisine. creamy spinach artichoke dip, crispy garlic chicken spring rolls. they're this season's must-have accessory. lean cuisine. be culinary chic. >>> welcome back, everybody. from super model to super mogul, tyra bampgs was one of the first after r african-american models to be on the cover of "sports illustrated" and top runway shows like victoria secret. she went on to crow ate and produce the hugely successful "america's top model." >> whenever someone tells me you look so much better in person,s they an insult. you want to look better in your pictures. >> i get that all the ti
by that company. more news now. >> major setback for the defending cup champions. the catamaran flipped in san francisco bay. no crow members were hurt but the vessel was extremely damaged. the new catamaran cost the team $8 million. we've been look iing at this video, youth league football coach caught on camera punching a referee, now facing battery charges in florida. don robinson apparently was upset about an unsportsman like conduct call made against him during the game. robinson says his fellow coaches are standing by him. they say the referee was in the wrong, that miami dade extreme youth football league, appropriately named, is now considering kicking their team out of the league. soledad? >> thank you very much, john. analysis continues about the debate. candy crowley moderated the tense evening, host of state of the union, chief correspondent. howie kurtz is joining us, daily beast. lauren as had hburn, editor in chief of the daily download. nice to have all of you joining us. >> wasn't it tom brokaw who said pretty much you would need a flap jacket. did it feel like that to you goi
possibilities. >>> okay. our tough call this morning, after fielding lots of complaints the san francisco zoo is dismantling its controversial boo at the zoo in st. louis. they didn't want to be seen at night. several customers complained said it was racist and looked like lynch iing. the big takeaway for halloween, if you're going to hang anything so that you avoid the lynching comparisons, bring in a black friend. have them eyeball your display, right? and say how do you feel about this? if they feel bad ly, take it down. what do you guys think? >> it doesn't seem it was meant ill but halloween is a big holiday for super insensitive stuff. i live in a brooklyn neighborhood with orthodox jews yet some people dress up like that for halloween. >> ghosts zroent black faces. having hung many ghost displays, they're just big white sheets, drag them around, pin them to things. why do your ghosts have black faces? it's a little weird. >> invisible at night, had lights inside? >> i totally get it. i would just say here is your risk of how it might be read. because my ghosts don't have black faces. j
. this is not the first time. >> crowds are huge. >> crowds are huge, and -- >> happier sports news. the san francisco giants did it again. they avoided elimination. they beat the st. louis cardinals 6-1. they scared the national league championship series at three games apiece. that forced a deciding game seven tonight. tonight's winner will play the tigers in the world series. >> going to pretend that's the yankees playing. >> -- lance armstrong, max report ertson said in 1988, never, ever lose your integrity or credibility because in the end that's all you've got. >> that's true. i think a lot of athletes who have some kind of very bad thing like marion jones and several others, they look back and say -- >> roger clemens. >> -- the question is, is there a way back for lance armstrong? >> not at this moment. certainly doesn't feel like it. >> all right let's move on and talk a little bit about this debate. there is a final chance for both president obama and mitt romney to battle each other in person. it's the third final presidential debate in boca raton in florida. it's anybody's race at this poin
include power outages. >>> and it is a great day to be a giants fan. san francisco beat the detroit tigers last night to complete a four-game world series sweep. it's their second title in three years. pablo sand val was the series mvp. the city will honor the champs with a ticker tape parade scheduled for wednesday. >> all right, zoraida. thank you very much. always love when the guys jump on each other. >> it's exciting. >> thanks, appreciate it. want to get to delaware. and delaware governor jack markell, who can update us on what's happening in his state. good morning, governor. nice to talk to you. why don't you walk me through what your biggest concerns are for your residents? >> the biggest concerns, the rain, and the winds together, make driving conditions absolutely miserable. so we've put in a driving restriction today. also, concerns because the storm is so long-lasting we're concerned that people could be without power for some period of time. >> are you finding that people are actually heeding the evacuation orders? or i should say heeding the warnings? >> i -- and those -- we
Search Results 0 to 26 of about 27 (some duplicates have been removed)